Friday, September 4, 2009

simmer down

i loooove these pics!! love the lighting.. its blue and gloomy but still very dreamy!
i went to amsterdam this week again.. im getting sort of addicated.. not very good for my bank account hahah.. i got these amazing minnatonkas.. there black, short and have two silver engraved buttons on them.. i also got an a amazing sequin jacket in a secondhand store its black and filled with rows of sequins all over it.. maybe i'll post a picture of it soon..
well my amsterdam addiction is far from cured (not that it needs to be cause amsterdam is bloody kickass!) but tonight i'll be partying my ass of in one of amsterdams clubs.. im pretty excited cause im going with a whole group of friends.. and i can feel this is gonna be a verrrry latee night! haha wish me luck!

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