Thursday, September 24, 2009

life is just a fantasy

i havent been very blog active the last couple days but with good reason.. ive just been so busy getting everything organised for going to england and stuff.. and just trying to hangout with everyone! yesterday we went to this new sushi place in town and it was sooo great you can order whatever you and as much as you want for something like 20 euros.. is was aaaawesomee!
after that we all went for drinks and then went to spend my last night with my boyfriend! that is kinda sucky.. im gonna be leaving him behind for 4 months.. he coming by though so thats pretty damn great! other than that im just soo amazed at how many clothes, shoes and bags i own.. and i am for sure bringing way to many things cause i know im gonna shop my ass off once i get to england! today is the day for the final touches and really getting every last thing packed.. and tonight im gonna say one last goodbye to everyone.. with probably some laughs and teers included! im not sure when i'll be able to blog again cause i probably wont have internet the day i get there.. i'll keep you posted on my british adventure !
photos by the skullset

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