Tuesday, March 31, 2009

i'd like you to meet bradford

these pics have been taken by bradford gregory, i think they are really amazing!
today is a lovely sunny day and ofcourse i have to make myself focus and study for my upcoming exams. just hope time flies so i can start having fun again.
check out bradford!

source: bradford gregory

Monday, March 30, 2009

guitar hero

its the oo soo beautiful christina dietze! i love these pics! especially the first one! now its study time aaaa really dont want tooooo!..

source: scene models

Sunday, March 29, 2009

say cheese

amazing amazing spread by gorgeous mischa in GENLUX MAGAZINE! such stunning pics! how about saying mischa truely looks like a supermodel in these pics!

source: mischa-b.com

all is well that ends well

today was a good day! it didnt start of that great though, i had to wake up reallyyyyy early and wasnt really feeling to well. but after i woke up a bit i felt great! i went to this irish dancing competition, but very stylish haha, but i had a good time, always love to see others dance, especially the little kids! sooo cute! some of my friends were in the competition and they won some prizes which was pretty cool! i used to dance for a really long time but stopped it, but i always go out and support my friends! it was good fun anywaysss!
and how incredible are these pics?! love the color and the graininess

source: julia pike

Saturday, March 28, 2009

feelin creative

i was a little bored today, so i decided to try and make my own video. well its more cool cobra pics with a kick ass song! its not that great i know, but i think its alright for my first video making attempt! let me know what you think : D

wanna have a crush again

just having a lazy day today, talking to my friends and hanging out. one of my friends has this major crush on a guy, and it got me thinking that i havent liked a guy in such a long time and i always love the feeling of having a crush on someone. but i just cant find anyone, but i usually get a crush on someone when i least expect it, soo im not thinking about it anymore haha (as if).
how great are these pics? i was checking out urban outfitters and saw they had a blog, so went to check it out and found these great pictures! the photographer is Mike Piscitelli and the model is Jennifer Herrema.

source: urban outfitters blog

its issy on the big screen!

check out this trailer! its a short movie called "runaround". and look closely cause i think you'll spot one of our favourite it girls! really really really wanna see this movie to bad its only 20 minutes. thanks for the tip nien!<3>

Friday, March 27, 2009


the masquerade party was sooooo much fun! i really had a blast. i met all these people i had never seen before, and the fun thing was they were from all different parts of the world so that was really cool! and ii didnt even loose my mask which i thought was pretty good of myself haha! everyone dressed up in theme so that was awesome!! now i am feeling how fun yesterday was in my head haha.. but ill be oke, im a though chick! i gotta get ready though cause tonight is a new night and im ready to enjoy it! going to eat sushi with two of my friends and after that go have some drinks in the city soo i think it will a pretty succesful night tonight too!!! o and by the way how cute are these pics! i just had to post them lovin those leathers in the first two pics! well, you guys have fun and enjoy your weekend!!! xxx

Thursday, March 26, 2009

masquerade partaaaay!

heeey guysss!! im totally exited cause im going to a masquerade party tonight!!! i already have my mask i think its pretty cool, its black with gold! i can feel its gonna be a good time, and i heard booze is totally cheap too so thats pretty awesome! well i think at the end of this night i'll probably resemble harley in the last pic haha! lets hope i can still pull of being cute whilst being wasted haha! you guys have fun tonight toooo!!

source: the skullset

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

this is why we hot

here some hot pics! i have been working my ass off for school the whole day and finally having some time to rest! which is defintely needed! tomorrow is my last day of school for this week, soooo thats pretty awesome! and then its weekend time, so i just have to hang in there i little bit longer. untill then im keeping myself happy with pretty pics like these ones!

source: fashionista

its celebrity fashion spotting time!

i thought these outfits were pretty cool! was wondering if fergie could maybe donate her jeans to a poor student... ME ME ME! haha

source: the insider

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

lifes a bubble

running late for everything right now, so just writing a quicky haha. i just saw these pics and knew i had to post a blog about it, how can you not share this with other! there soo amazing! totally makes you wanna blow bubbles yourself doesnt it? im actually not sure who the photographer is i just got them of a blog, wish i did know who it was though. well i better get going so little time so much to do! enjoy your day and let me know if you love these pics as much as i do! xoxo

source: collage by isabel

Monday, March 23, 2009

the name is siegel

i love jack siegel aka the skullset! his pics are sooooo awesome!!! how cute is the first one!
im chillinnnn

source: jack siegel

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