Thursday, September 17, 2009


i am soooooo exicited for this weekend!!! this is gonna be my last weekend in holland before i leave for england.. i am pretty sad about that part, but at least its gonna a kickass jam packed weekend full of funnnn! tommorow its the plan im going out to diner with about 20 of my friends..followed by a night of partying probably at a surf party (always fun.. and usually atracts a very atractive crowd if you know what i mean).. saturday theres a skate competition at the harbor and its actually themed.. PIRATE! people have to skate of a mini ramp (preferably dressed as a pirate) and then into the water.. yes you read it the water, technically the sea haha.. how bloody awesome is that! after that theres an afterparty on the beach.. and just our luck the weather is gonna be soooo great this weekend.. did i mention I CANT WAIT!
ooo and i love these pictures (i think i say that on every post.. but mostly it is the truth!).. there soo serene and still give me that summer feel!

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