Wednesday, September 30, 2009

bottles,pints,shots and cans couches and floors and drunk best friends

just some random coolness! tonight gonna go to a party for all international students should be fun! and did you that booze in england is insanely cheap!.. not sure if thats a good thing hahaha
enjoy the shots!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

hard knock

sooooo im in englanddd! yeaaah! im in a really cool city.. not that big.. its called coventry! its a student city soo pretty much everywhere you look theres students! theres really cool shops we dont have i holland soo im freakin happy and everything is cheaper here too which surprised me! other than that .. I LOVE THE ENGLISH! everyone is just soooo friendly.. its unbelievable! i can pretty much party every night if want to cause there are insane things everynight! and every saturday is indie night which im loving already! these pics are from this weekend a friend of mine took 'm unfortunately i had to miss this party but i just fell in love with the pics and just had to share 'm with you!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

life is just a fantasy

i havent been very blog active the last couple days but with good reason.. ive just been so busy getting everything organised for going to england and stuff.. and just trying to hangout with everyone! yesterday we went to this new sushi place in town and it was sooo great you can order whatever you and as much as you want for something like 20 euros.. is was aaaawesomee!
after that we all went for drinks and then went to spend my last night with my boyfriend! that is kinda sucky.. im gonna be leaving him behind for 4 months.. he coming by though so thats pretty damn great! other than that im just soo amazed at how many clothes, shoes and bags i own.. and i am for sure bringing way to many things cause i know im gonna shop my ass off once i get to england! today is the day for the final touches and really getting every last thing packed.. and tonight im gonna say one last goodbye to everyone.. with probably some laughs and teers included! im not sure when i'll be able to blog again cause i probably wont have internet the day i get there.. i'll keep you posted on my british adventure !
photos by the skullset

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

sizzeling denim

packing packing packing.. why do i have so many clothess aaah!
hanging out with friends.. whoehoe its sunny.. trying to get a tan!
diner with the boyfriend <3

Sunday, September 20, 2009

the night i dont remember

this was the night before i had that massive hangover haha.. oo and this is my new sequin jacket i got in a vintage shop in amsterdam! it was a great night.. atleast .. of what i can remember of it!
oooo and my weekend was sooooooo GREATTTT! it was the perfect last weekend.. how wierd is that though.. exactly this weekend everything is great and no dull of boring moments it was perfectness to the T! the rest of the week is gonna be for packing all of my crap and hanging out with friends!!
most pics by my lovely and talented friend kenny

Thursday, September 17, 2009


i am soooooo exicited for this weekend!!! this is gonna be my last weekend in holland before i leave for england.. i am pretty sad about that part, but at least its gonna a kickass jam packed weekend full of funnnn! tommorow its the plan im going out to diner with about 20 of my friends..followed by a night of partying probably at a surf party (always fun.. and usually atracts a very atractive crowd if you know what i mean).. saturday theres a skate competition at the harbor and its actually themed.. PIRATE! people have to skate of a mini ramp (preferably dressed as a pirate) and then into the water.. yes you read it the water, technically the sea haha.. how bloody awesome is that! after that theres an afterparty on the beach.. and just our luck the weather is gonna be soooo great this weekend.. did i mention I CANT WAIT!
ooo and i love these pictures (i think i say that on every post.. but mostly it is the truth!).. there soo serene and still give me that summer feel!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


sooo ive been thinking you know we all have these moments in which we really want things.. like actually owning things or wanting to do things.. well im the kind of person that wants everything.. and even if i get all of that.. i'll just want more haha.. like i want to take pictures with a disposable camera all day everyday.. or get my inner lip pierced (which i do really really want but am to scared for).. or wanting new shoes everyday and than all types of shoes (probably crazy ones i would never even wear).. or walk into a store and just being able to buy every single thing you like, even the things your not that sure about just EVERYTHING (i dont think any store will be safe then)..or having some crazy wierd talent that always breaks the ice and gets a party going..i have whole lot more where that came from.. but im sure you guys can relate..
anywho im going on to much.. i loveeee this jacket.. and the pic itself too!
now i will proceed to being lazy and surfing the web whilest listening to every song i could find by la roux (im addicted... no really i am!)

Monday, September 14, 2009

is it lust or love?

just some random prettyness! havent posted in a couple days but have been really busy.. and had the hangover from hell this weekend which pretty much enabled me to do absolutely nothing.. it was horrible.. but still worthit! i went to a housewarming and it was crazy there were drunk, sexy, horny, flirty, funny, naked people everywhere.. i mean i dont think it can get better than that! i was pretty fucked up the next morning.. but later heard i wasnt the only one haha..
enjoy the gorg pics!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

sweet lookin'

i love elza jo.. her pics are always soo colorful but still some of them are dark.. its wierd but i love it! tommorrow i finally have a day off.. im probably gonna go skating.. i have this really oldskool bigass skateboard which i love and is really easy to ride.. and i have a housewarming party which im really excited for.. i can already predict its gonna be a total drunkfest.. but totally awesome haha and theres also a party and the theme is trailertrash.. how awesome hahah!! tonight im gonna get a lot of rest cause tommorrow i have to take it to the limit.. I CANT WAIT!

source: elza jo

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

its beverly hills, whats not to love

beverly hills 90210 is back.. dont know if you guys watch it? but i must say major style upgrade this season!! i was more fascinated by the wardrobe joices then i was about the actual story line haha.. i heared GG is gonna be back soon too.. wonder if GG has taken its fashion to a new level too.. that would be pretty great! im already excited for this weekend its gonna be a weekend filled with houseparties and festivals.. could it get any better...?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

loves it

i fell in love with these shots when i saw them.. there soo dreamy and kinda mystical.. with the gloomy lighting casting over the pics.. and that fur.. gosh!
tonight is sushi and movie night.. i'd say a pretty good past-time for a sunday!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

london calling to the underground

i have a hangover.. surprise surprise haha.. totally worthit cause i had an awesome party night! went to a club in amsterdam and there were alot of stylish people which is always nice.. and surprisingly there were also alot of english people which was actually alot of fun! we also saw a couple of "famous" dutch rappers/singers/music guys haha.. but it was a good laugh anyways.. i forgot my camera though so couldnt take any pics.. i might be going to some hip hop festival now with some friends.. have no idea if its gonna be fun.. but any excuse to dance have fun and do crazy is fine by me haha.. this morning i said to myself i was going to take it easy tonight.. now im telling myself to screw that .. im probably partying hard tonight too haha.. and why not im young.. at least now i can still take it haha.. have good one you guys.. i know i will!

source: fashion gone rogue

Friday, September 4, 2009

simmer down

i loooove these pics!! love the lighting.. its blue and gloomy but still very dreamy!
i went to amsterdam this week again.. im getting sort of addicated.. not very good for my bank account hahah.. i got these amazing minnatonkas.. there black, short and have two silver engraved buttons on them.. i also got an a amazing sequin jacket in a secondhand store its black and filled with rows of sequins all over it.. maybe i'll post a picture of it soon..
well my amsterdam addiction is far from cured (not that it needs to be cause amsterdam is bloody kickass!) but tonight i'll be partying my ass of in one of amsterdams clubs.. im pretty excited cause im going with a whole group of friends.. and i can feel this is gonna be a verrrry latee night! haha wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

sequin flower top by topshop, bag with silver skull by thomas wylde.. unfortunately i dont know the rest.. still its all pretty great stuff!
gonna make a scrumtious pasta salade and watch the hills

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