Saturday, October 24, 2009


so just got back from birmingham and the verdict is... EUFORIA! it was truely amazing!

i headed up there with a major hangover not the greatest feeling there is you must know that.. but it got better if i just didnt think about it.. for if youve never been to birmingham.. when you pretty much step off the train your surrounded by shops shops shops.. we just started going into every shop we saw! went to urban outfitter and was pretty much drewling the whole time.. i could totally spend my whole day in that store! we also went to some vintage stores which were truely amazing! got these great el dorado boots (theyre kinda like sanchos) and still in really good condition for like 15 pounds! and a great tie dye shirt for a fiver! and lots and lots more.!!

we also went to the o2 acadamy where there was this huge indie party called propaganda.. and we danced our feet off and screamed out our lungs to vampire weekend, the killers, kings of leon, the beatles, the artic monkeys, coldplay, oasis, justice, the wombats, the editors and many many many moree... soooo like i said total and utter euforiaa... ! now i need to rest cause no one said euforia wasnt tiring!!

ooee and how pretty are this pics right! just had to share!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


got these really beautiful pendant today in this tiny jewelry store near to where i live.. its silver with some kind of stone in it.. the stone is a little damaged but i think thats what makes it unique.. i thought it was gonna cost me a fortune but when i asked how much it was the guy said it was only 8 pounds.. i didnt even have to think about it.. <3.. this friday im gonna go to birmingham with some friends.. well start off with some shopping and then party our asses off and stay at some crappy hostel.. sounds like an awesome time to me! anyone know some good places to go to in birmingham?! (or some places not to go to haha).. i am also in desperate need of a fur coat.. havent found one yet but still on the prowl! o and im still not sure on what to wear for halloween.. can you guess inspire me? as what are u going?!
and i picked these lovely shots up at cold after midnight

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

fit but you know it

-reading twilight.. fucking amazing..cant wait for the new moon movie..
-i really want a shirt and a dress with the seetrough or lace material that is in the second last and last pic
-really wanna not be broke so i'll actually be able to purchase that dress/shirt
-really craving a cocktail and some sushi
-learnt a new word today .."chave" (very british, not sure if i even spelled it right)
-how great is it to just make a wierd random list of things your doing, have done and think... AMAZING!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

flying fuck

have been partying tooooo much aaah! taking it easy..well sort of haha..
have been taking salsa lessons with some friends of mine.. just kind of for a laugh.. but its really fun and were really getting in to it.. still suck at it though but that besides the point haha
ive actually been taking a class at uni and i just love it.. we learn about the mafia and watch documentaries about the mafia and its just soo mind blowingly interesting!
oe and i got the new LOVE magazine.. sooo inspirational! so many amazing shots in it!
i found these pics and wel i just had to post them.. and i must say i am extremely jalous of this guys jewellery! I WANT!

listening to vampire weekend- walcott

Friday, October 9, 2009


dont have much time.. going to a dorm party.. wanted to share these .. i want a tattooo.. im to much of a scaredy cat though!
went to an indie/alternative club night.. it was awesome.. we danced and screamed to la roux, vampire weekend, the wombats, the prodigy and much much more.. AND there was a silent disco.. my new favorite phenomenon! very very very great and lots lots lots of fun!
im off to enjoy my student time by partying my bloody ass off!
sooo longgg
ps. this is a music video of friends of mine.. its their first! i love this songgg! enjoy!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

some people feel the rain others just get wet

space is good!
still in england! and having a blast! went out last night.. didnt know i loved vodka redbull so much! hahah was pretty fucked up todat though.. wasnt very productive.. well worthit though! monday we went with a whole group of girls to this salsa class in a bar .. it was sooo much fun haha.. soo tommorrow were going again.. its mostly fun because most of us are pretty shitty hahaha much more entertaining if you suck!
i dont think i say this enough but really wanna thank everyone who stops by my blog and follows or comments! i always try and check out everyones blog! soo thanks, i appreciate it very very very much!
id also like to say a special hello to a friend of mine who i know will be reading this.. maarten my telepathic, wolfloving, photo, skateboarder, excentric friend enjoy all the greatness i have shared with you.. you rule haha

Sunday, October 4, 2009

i stand corrected

some shots i just foudn truely amazing! when i see pics like this i wish i had the talent to make them! although i do enjoy very much to stumble upon such beauty and being able to share them with others! and did you notice the amazing eyebrows the girl has in the upside down shot! i want them!! im going into the city now cause the sun is shining like crazyyyy!! get some coffeee and rade topshop! also trying to find some good concerts to go to whilst im here.. did find a la roux concert i really wanna go to!!! and also a white lies concert! soo great!
anywho enjoy the beauty.. !
oee and let me know what you think of the new header!

Friday, October 2, 2009

im not your toy


some sereen summery nature pics! love these.. they kind of look like a part of a story.. and you wonder what the story is about and what part this is!
yesterday night we had a barcrawl.. it was really fun and to many shots where consumed! met some really cool people which is always a plus! i might go on a wakeboarding trip next weekend.. not sure though if im gonna wakeboard.. maybe ill just go to party and watch people hurting themselves instead of me getting hurt haha
tonight maybe fancy dress party?
listing to css

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