Tuesday, September 15, 2009


sooo ive been thinking you know we all have these moments in which we really want things.. like actually owning things or wanting to do things.. well im the kind of person that wants everything.. and even if i get all of that.. i'll just want more haha.. like i want to take pictures with a disposable camera all day everyday.. or get my inner lip pierced (which i do really really want but am to scared for).. or wanting new shoes everyday and than all types of shoes (probably crazy ones i would never even wear).. or walk into a store and just being able to buy every single thing you like, even the things your not that sure about just EVERYTHING (i dont think any store will be safe then)..or having some crazy wierd talent that always breaks the ice and gets a party going..i have whole lot more where that came from.. but im sure you guys can relate..
anywho im going on to much.. i loveeee this jacket.. and the pic itself too!
now i will proceed to being lazy and surfing the web whilest listening to every song i could find by la roux (im addicted... no really i am!)

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