Saturday, May 23, 2009

inspiration overload, shoutouts and plain old happiness

sooooo i havent posted for a couple days, but im back and ready to share the wonderful things i found! first of all.. how great are these.. totally getting the bohemian/rocker/hippy vibe from these pics and if you look closely and if you can still remember this is heidi, the chick who played in 8th and ocean (i think that was the name) and who was like making out with teddy the hottie, and then making out with other random model hotties haha

i just wanna some people a special shoutout, first of all ni-na is back!!! you should definitely check her out cause this time around it all looks even more beautiful then before!
also you should check out mister taylor herron, an L.A./O.C. photographer friend of mine!
an other person who is always uber sweet to me and has a great fashion blog and has great taste and sees me a tiny bit as his muse is by fei!
and lastly lavelle with beautiful inspiring shots! please check her out too.. its great!

well thats it for now.. for sure more shout outs to come.. and ofcourse lots more beautiful pictures to come!!!!!

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