Friday, July 31, 2009

feel it on my skin

how amazing are these shots!!! i love the lighting and the setting and the model! shes dutch, her name is sylvie van de vaart.. i love all the clothes! want them all!!
im still pretty hungover from last night, it was supposed to be a quite night in the city having some drinks with friends but it turned into a beer/drunk fest.. it was pretty great.. everyone was either drunk or tipsy and it was hilarious! tonight im gonna go to a bbq.. bqq's always give me a summer feeling, i love it.. i think its gonna be pretty awesome and probably gonna turn out to be another drunk fest.. with lots of laughter.. which sounds like a great night to me!
oe oe and tommorow im going to amsterdam with some friends and were gonna party at the annual gayparade! im soooo excited! ive never been but i always hear its soo much fun.. there are all these boats that go through all the canals in amsterdam with people dressed up and music blazing.. and everybody is just dancing and acting crazy all day.. totally my thing! i'll tell you guys how it was!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

welcome to the beach life

i bloody love the beach, to bad holland doesnt have the greatest beach weather though.. there are always hot surfer boys at the beach, great parties, everybody always looks soo much better with a tan and cocktails always taste better on the beach!im love with these shots.. i still had them on my computer LOVE LOVE LOVEM!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

yeah uh uh uh yeah yeah yeah

smoking is such a bad habit i should quite.. but with a couple of drinks in me i just love a smoke!that was my problem last night! had a good time.. not soo good when i had to get up for work this morning though! ahah.. i ran in to an old flame who i hadnt seen in forever, it was soo wierd seeing him again, his really hot haha but that kinda it hahaha if you know what i mean, seeing a person from the past always makes you realise stuff in the present..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

shoulda known better

today was work day.. although i didnt do shit except eat eat and eat.. i work at the beach and even though the sun was shining it wasnt that busy.. soo i pretty much earned my money by stuffing my face.. pretty awesome! then i went to spend some of my money and bought a really cool vans sunglasses, im obsessed with buying sunglasses i really cant help myself!
tonight is partynight pretty much like everynight haha probably gonna be hungover at work tommorow! speaking of beging hungover, i saw the hangover this weekend and it was soooooo funny!!! soo if you havent seen it yet you have tooooo cause it GREAT!

pictures by luke byrne, nerijus rimkus, john kelso

Monday, July 27, 2009

holland is kinda fun you know

friends rowing, shots by jamie.. and im in love with them!
i just fucked my leg whilest riding my bike... sucks! but i'll live..

Sunday, July 26, 2009

oo let it shine

watching adventureland.. pretty awesome.. fuck yeah.. still kinda feelin' the beer from last night!

Friday, July 24, 2009

the F words: fun, friends and fashion

8 undeniable classics
1.friends. to share love, tears, happyness, champagne, new buys and high phone bills with
2. a good bed. power naps are highly underestimated. just like the other thing you do in bed
3. lots and lots of pretty, expensive, cheap, high, cute, sporty shoes. change is best for your feet
4. a sunglasses that covers everything
5. sex in the city dvd box so you can watch all the episodes at least 10 times
6. sexy lingerie, you never know when your gonna run in to ashton kutcher
7. the adres of coco chanel in paris in your addressbook. incase you win the lottery (even though you never play)
8. at least eight different black dresses in your closet; not one little black dress is the same

picture source: vice

Thursday, July 23, 2009

wantin' nd wishin'

i love this shot! the colors are amazing, martine always looks amazing, and i love the clothes!
the weather here is nothing and it just sooo depressing, its supposed to be summer but its grey and rainyy! well im still gonna have fun, rain is not stopping me. gonna party tonight all my friends are going out and i think its gonna be total chaos which is pretty awesome hahaha!
im gonna be going to the england in like september, which isnt too long away and im sooooo excited! i will be rading topshop every weekend haha.. and ordering everything from asos like a crazy person!
im gonna watch the new episode of paris new bff, im even sure why i watch it, i think it makes me more stupid, but i just cant help myself its sooo hilarious!

source: lookbook

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

fucking fantastic

lovin these shots! i really love hasisi parks work! im kinda in a hurry, having drinks now with a friend, but really wanted to post these pics!

source: hasisi park

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


this is a pretty slammin' onezy/jumpsuit.. and lovin the shades too!
now that its summer im soooo busy its unbeleavable.. im just runnin' around goin everywhere and hanging out with everyone! its fun.. but it can get tiring!
gotta get to work now.. tonight is party time!

source: viktor vautier

Friday, July 17, 2009

stolen girlfriend club

you like? cause i love! i want all the clothes.. all of them!!

im back!

finally back! after three weeks of not blogging i was getting a little crazy haha. i had a great time though! egypt is really beautiful and the people are really friendly! the weather was crazy, it was insanely hot! but i made it work. i got back this morning i headed straight to the city to catch up with my friends and hear about all the juicy stuff that happend when i was gone! and i went on a shopping spree and got two really cute tops, a dress/blouse en an amazing demin jacket! sooo happy with it all! shopping always makes me feel good haha.. i dont know how good that sounds. im gonna go and get some rest now so i can party it up tonight!

source: bradford gregory

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