Friday, March 13, 2009

shake shake shake shake it

yessss its friday! just have to finish one thing for school, have been postponing it this whole week and now its crunch time.. i have to have to have to finish it. but after that its freeeeeedom and weeeeeekend and partyyyyyy time! woeeeehoeeee! ooo and shake it is one of my favourite songs or anything like that, its just one of those songs that when you hear it once it just sticks in your head and you cant get it out... soo this is my way of trying to get it out.
o and about the pics there from lastnightsparty and i really like these ones, there not like the rest of the pics on the site, most of them are more corbasnakeish pics just a lot less censored, so beware for full/half nudity haha.. still really like the partyphotos too!

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