Monday, March 16, 2009


today was perfect!! so i went to amsterdam just got back and i had a really really fun day! me and my friend nina went to this market where they have all vintage stuff which was pretty cool! unfortunately i didnt find anything at the market but there was a american apperal right beside it so ofcourse we had to go in, and ofcourse i had to buy something. so i found this really cool tshirt its kinda dark purple and sorta faded i really like it! i tryed on like 5 different things but that was the only thing that actually looked nice on me not just on the hanger haha.. so we went shopping some more but didnt really find anything else. then we went back to the hague (our own city) and went shopping some more haha and i found this really nice army'ish jacket at the h&m but im gonna take off all the buttons and get nicer ones and put them on it.. pimp it out a little and make it my own style. didnt get the buttons yet but really wanting to. well i think that was just about my day gonna chill now ..happyhappyhappy.. shopping always makes me soo happy, guess we all have that! just dont wanna check my bank account right now haha

source: the cobrasnake

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