Saturday, March 21, 2009

tonights the night

today the sun is shining and i can hear the birds jirping and it just feels like its gonna be a great day. i have a game this afternoon, which we just have to win and then we will celibrate by getting drunk at like five o'clock haha and after that im gonna go to ni-na cause she's having a little get together where we will get even more drunk, and lastly we will be going to this party which is gonna be totally awesome and everybody is just gonna be soo freakin happy cause their all drunk and love eachh other haha. so i think its gonna be quite an eventfull day, lets hope so anyways! o and about these pics, i stumbled upon this cool streetstyle website called streethearts, the styles are really cool, picked out the best for you! so enjoy the pics and today i know i will!!

source: streethearts

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