Tuesday, August 4, 2009

black or white

does annyone know by who it is?

i found these pics somewhere on the web.. but its a pretty good image of how weekends partyen with me and my friends look like haha.. yesterday it was an unexpected party night! we got a load of booze and went to the beach and watched the sunset and just sat there drinking, laughing and chilling..and just when we wanted to head home we ran into some people we knew and i thought we were going to a bar or something.. and when we got there it was a hostel.. and well i thought it was kinda wierd i was standing outside a hostel when i thought we were gonna party and drink.. but when we got in there was a bar, and all these surf guys.. it actually looked pretty cool.. there was is whole summery/hippie garden with hangmats an tiki torches and lights everywhere and one of those oldskool volkswagen surfvans.. and a little cabben which only existed of one whole bed and on the outside it read LOVE <3>
today the sun is shining like crazy.. sooo im gonna try to get myself tanned haha and tonight is probably party night as usual!
oooo and im trying to update my ipod a little but i get stuck really fast.. sooooo if you guys know any cool songs please please please tell meeee!!

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