Friday, August 28, 2009

this time baby i'll beeee...

just a selection of some pics i found, loved and wanted to share with you!
im actually supposed to be working now haha but i had a sudden urge to post a blog!
my throat is killing me.. i think i totally fucked it up when i was at that festival last weekend aaahhh.. and yesterday i went partying and ofcourse i had to sing no wait scream along to all of the songs that came soo im feeling my throat is much worse now haha.. but it was pretty worthit cause it was such a great night!! and i got this totally tacky but awesome shirt from a friend of mine that he got in bali and it says "sun of a beach" on it and theres like a beach drawn on it with all the fluor colors is awesomelly wrong haha!
well id better get back to work! enjoy the shots!

listening la roux - bulletproof

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