Friday, July 31, 2009

feel it on my skin

how amazing are these shots!!! i love the lighting and the setting and the model! shes dutch, her name is sylvie van de vaart.. i love all the clothes! want them all!!
im still pretty hungover from last night, it was supposed to be a quite night in the city having some drinks with friends but it turned into a beer/drunk fest.. it was pretty great.. everyone was either drunk or tipsy and it was hilarious! tonight im gonna go to a bbq.. bqq's always give me a summer feeling, i love it.. i think its gonna be pretty awesome and probably gonna turn out to be another drunk fest.. with lots of laughter.. which sounds like a great night to me!
oe oe and tommorow im going to amsterdam with some friends and were gonna party at the annual gayparade! im soooo excited! ive never been but i always hear its soo much fun.. there are all these boats that go through all the canals in amsterdam with people dressed up and music blazing.. and everybody is just dancing and acting crazy all day.. totally my thing! i'll tell you guys how it was!

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