Friday, July 24, 2009

the F words: fun, friends and fashion

8 undeniable classics
1.friends. to share love, tears, happyness, champagne, new buys and high phone bills with
2. a good bed. power naps are highly underestimated. just like the other thing you do in bed
3. lots and lots of pretty, expensive, cheap, high, cute, sporty shoes. change is best for your feet
4. a sunglasses that covers everything
5. sex in the city dvd box so you can watch all the episodes at least 10 times
6. sexy lingerie, you never know when your gonna run in to ashton kutcher
7. the adres of coco chanel in paris in your addressbook. incase you win the lottery (even though you never play)
8. at least eight different black dresses in your closet; not one little black dress is the same

picture source: vice

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