Wednesday, October 7, 2009

some people feel the rain others just get wet

space is good!
still in england! and having a blast! went out last night.. didnt know i loved vodka redbull so much! hahah was pretty fucked up todat though.. wasnt very productive.. well worthit though! monday we went with a whole group of girls to this salsa class in a bar .. it was sooo much fun haha.. soo tommorrow were going again.. its mostly fun because most of us are pretty shitty hahaha much more entertaining if you suck!
i dont think i say this enough but really wanna thank everyone who stops by my blog and follows or comments! i always try and check out everyones blog! soo thanks, i appreciate it very very very much!
id also like to say a special hello to a friend of mine who i know will be reading this.. maarten my telepathic, wolfloving, photo, skateboarder, excentric friend enjoy all the greatness i have shared with you.. you rule haha

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