Monday, June 8, 2009

super fantastic

im soooo tired!!! aaahhhh but its totally worthit cause i had the most awesome weekend everrr!!! it started saturday, i went to this festival called musica republica with three girlfriendss and it started in the afternoon and it was over at like eleven or something and we just danced our asses off, the music was soooo awesome it was sooo many differnt music styles all together which was great and we drank cocktails all day and checked out cute boys hahah sooo all in all that already was totally great, but then i still went on partying in the city and was not planning on staying long, but ended up staying for like 4 hours but it was sooo funnnn and there were all these drunk people that were sooo funny and i learned all these cool party tricks haha which is always a good thing! and on sunday i had a birthday and me and like 20 of my friends all went but it was like an hour away with the train still worthit, it was a lunch and we ended up staying till like eight and being totally drunk hahah and getting a ride back home which was awesome.. so all in all kickass weekend and im still recovering haha

chadwick tyler

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