Wednesday, April 1, 2009

this is how we do

as yesterday today is a gorgeous day, and ofcourse i have to study hahaha it sucks, but it need to happen. this pic is me and my friends partying it up! we do know how to have fun. and when these annoying exams are over thats what i will be doing again.. having fun and partying it up! untill then im just gonna have to keep myself happy with pics of it! gonna cheat a little now and watch 90210 first hihi! ooo and btw i showed mark (aka the cobrasnake) the vid i made (posted it a couple days ago) and he thought it was cool! and he told me he's in europe this week, and said i should come party with him! i really want to though, dont know where im gonna find the time and money.. we'll seeee!

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