Monday, January 11, 2010

well well well its 2010! hope u guys had a good new years! i was in egypt for mine on a lovely hot beach!!! AMAZING! got a pretty nice tan too which im very happy with now im back in the freezing cold! to be exact im back in england now.. only for 2 weeks though! really wish i could stay longer but hee im gonna make these the best 2 weeks ever! ive ordered a blackberry and hope to get it really sooon! oe oe oe and i got the new vampire weekend album today!!! i adore the cover of it the songs ofcourse are great too.. its to bad theres not a party song on it that compares to a-punk but i still really like the album! im hopefully going to a wolfmother concert next week in birmingham if all goes well! tonight is party night! ive missed the english nightlife so much so very ready to get out there!!

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