Thursday, April 30, 2009


im soo tired i need like two days to recover! to bad i dont have time! but being soo absolutly broken does mean i had a kickass time! and thats what its all about!!!
gonna catch some rest now!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

a night to remember

sooo tomorrow is a pretty big day, well the night is a pretty big deal here in holland. its called queensnight, and well the deal is that we celebrate the queens bday, but really its just an excuse to party really hard get totally wasted and mess up the entire city! its soo fun hahaa! and we even get thursday off! how perfect! i love the queen haha! (and its not even officially her actual bday!) and on thursday everyones allowed to go out on the street and sell anything they want (keeping it legal ofcourse) and if you look good enough you can sometimes really find some cool stuff!!

well im gonna get my rest cause im gonna need it .. two days of partying! wish me luckkk!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

greatness comes in many forms

im totally and unterly in love with these pics! they give me such a feeling of happiness and a feeling of summer and sunshine. i just wanna buy the whole bikbok collection, so i guess they did a pretty good job with this advertisment!
loveeeeeeee itt!!!! let me know if your soo excited about these pics as i am!!
(you can click on them and see the full version!)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

coachella yall!!

wished i could have been there! but theres always a next time! im going to a couple of festivals this year! all in the summer ofcourse! sooo excited for them, with some good weather and some great music everything is fun!
photo cred to stylesightings + photoshop cred to me

all i want is everything

thanks everyone for the happy birthdaaysss!!!
i had a great time! couldnt have wished for anything better!
i found these pics and just had to share them with you!!!!! how great are these?! i especially love the lighting in them! im still wrecked from my bday marathon, so probably not gonna party to hard tonight, but knowing myself im probably still gonna party at least a bit!
enjoy the shotssss!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

birthday candles!

its my birthdaaaaay todaaaay!!! 19!! (gosh starting to feel a little old) today im gonna hang out with friends eat cake and be happy! tonight im going out to diner with my partens, and today im gonna party it up with all my friendsss!!!! tommorrow im having a birthday diner with all my close friends! its birthday weeeeekend! woehoeee!
have a great one you guyss!!! <3

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

hellllzzz yeahhh

this editorial is sooo sick! im just in love with those clothes!
im really happy and peppy! only have like one class today which is just about perfect, and after that im just gonna chill in the sun. Oe and tonight im gonna eat sushi with the girls which i am pretty damn excited forrr!!! goooood timess!
model: Eva Herzigova
photographer: Walter Pfiffer


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

i like big hats and i cannot lie

just chillin, not much news! did find some great pics and as always i have to share with you all! just listening to some music and enjoying the great weather and my great friends!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


how freakin great are these shots! i just loved them all so much i couldnt make a selection soo i just posted them all!!! let me know what you think!!! im enjoying this last bit of weekend!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

baggage load of happiness!

soooooo.... i heard im going to THE UK!!!!!!!!! jeeeeeeej! im sooooo freakin happy!!!! im going to LIVERPOOL! im sooo excited!! i just cant wait!
the party last night was fun, not that special though, it was a little chilly though!
we had a game today and we played 1-1 which is like really good for us, wished we had won though. tonight is a new night, and ofcourse im gonna go out and party! i really wanna make party pics, and i hope i get a new camera for my bday cause the one i have now is broken, sooo hopefully i get it, and i can make cool party pics and share them with you all!
i found these pics through a friend, he gave me this tip, he's actually a photographer himself i always enjoy looking at his pics go check him out! taylor herron

Friday, April 17, 2009

feelin girly

still a little tired from partying last night, but recovering alright. tonight is a new night and i heard there is a beach party tonight, soo that is going to be the first beachparty of the year!!! i always love beach parties soooo much, really starting to get that summer feeling!!!
i was also supposed to hear where i am going on exchange today, but ofcourse i haven't heard anything yet, sooo freakin typical, the people running my study are always late with everything, im just so nervous, i just wanna know it already! but guess im gonna have to wait a little while longer...
im gonna chill and get my energie level up now, so i can party hard again tonight!!!

model: natalia vodianova
photographer: mario testino
vogue uk


Thursday, April 16, 2009

t h e s k u l l s e t

soooo i was thinking that you know you wonder about these things that you wish you were able to do but your either to lazy, busy or just simply dont have the talent for it. i mean like there is this whole list of things i was i could do... like be a breakdancer, a surfer, a guitar player, a tennis player, a cheerleader, a basketball player, a snowboarder, a famous photographer, a clothing designer, a rapper, a skateboarder, a kick ass martial artist and an actor. there is probably more stuff but this is everything i can think of right now! i wish i could do it all hahaha guess not, but atleast i can take a shot at a couple of them!

pics: the skullset

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